The Importance of an Asbestos Surveyor

Posted: 27 January 2020
Category: Asbestos Surveyor
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Asbestos is a dangerous mineral that is found in many older buildings and homes. If you were to be exposed to any asbestos fibers, then it would increase your chances of developing a terrible disease. Some of the most common diseases that are caused by asbestos include lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis. In fact, an average of 20 people per week dies from asbestos. Most people don’t even realize there is asbestos in their building until they start renovating or demolishing it. They find out the hard way because they end up sick or dead. You don’t need to find out the hard way, though. All you need to do is have an asbestos check done on any property that you plan to renovate or demolition. You can hire an asbestos surveyor to come over to your property and get an asbestos sampling. They’ll do this by taking small samples of materials within your property and testing them for asbestos. If the asbestos report comes back positive, then your asbestos surveyor will create an asbestos register. This is a record of all the areas in your building that contain asbestos. By having this information, the management or owner of the building will know how to keep everyone safe. The asbestos in your building won’t usually be a threat to anyone until you start renovating or demolishing it. If this is what you’re planning to do, then you need to hire a trained asbestos consultant or remover right away. Ordinary contractors are not equipped to remove asbestos or any building materials containing asbestos. You must hire professionals that have the necessary training and experience to handle it safely. Otherwise, you will end up injuring or killing yourself or other people. AMK Asbestos Consultancy is a professional asbestos consultant that can assist you through this entire process. Contact them for more information.